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Lisbon, 17th October 2018 – Present for the 3rd time at Web Summit, Crossjoin Solutions® will show the world a new version of X-Viewer®, a 100% “in-house made” solution that gathers into a framework all the knowledge and methodology of our core Performance Tuning service.

We invite everyone to attend our presentation on the 7th of November at 11:00 AM and again at 3:00 PM at our stand (Pav. 3 – E331).

After developing X-Viewer® for internal usage, our Performance Tuning experts realized that in our customer teams there was a huge gap to collect, process and produce an integrated view concerning performance and tuning key performance indicators (KPI). X-Viewer® is the de facto Performance Monitoring tool making possible to take proactive decisions and provide a consistent view of the organizational systems across all stakeholders.


X-Viewer® gives you the power to:

  • Control your most critical business processes
  • Control your IT Implementation
  • Control the quality of your operations
  • Control the SLA’s of your suppliers

X-Viewer® enables you to:

  • Assertively find the root cause of your performance problems
  • Consistently share performance information across stakeholders
  • Build and re-use dashboards to continuously monitor your systems performance
  • React fast under crisis
X-Viewer® is a very powerful, competitive and versatile solution to monitor and adapt to the most demanding performance challenges of your organization, your business processes, your systems and your infrastructures. It has no third-party dependencies, you can have unlimited users, unlimited storage and unlimited processing. It provides dashboards, systems and process alarms, synoptic views, fast root causes analysis through drill down actions on business processes.
André Simões (Product Line Manager) will be presenting at our own stand the X-Viewer® V2 features, capabilities and achievements. Additionally, we will share a sneak peek of the X-Viewer V3 which is currently under development:


“I strongly believe that monitoring an organization can’t stop at the technological level, it is as important to be able to assess how good your business processes are performing to be able to get to the next level. With X-Viewer you can have the best of both worlds: a performance monitoring tool that can help you continuously improve your organization.”


Our customers recognize that whenever Crossjoin starts a performance and tuning service, with the inclusion of X-Viewer®, there is definitely an added value and keep coming back with more performance and monitoring challenges. They understand that X-Viewer® gives them the results they need to further grow their business.


Nowadays, it became a key tool to Crossjoin’s success – Performance is time… time is money.


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