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Quality Policy

Quality Management

The Quality Management System defined at Crossjoin is maintained and updated to satisfy legal and regulatory, as well as contractual obligations. Quality Requirements shall be reviewed periodically based on the evaluation of Internal & External issues and Interested Parties expectations.

ISO 9001


Roles and Responsibilities have been defined within the organization and delegated to competent personnel to ensure the successful management and operation of the QMS.

Technical Competence

Crossjoin’s Top Management is committed to provide the necessary resources so that all personnel are competent to carry out their Quality responsibilities. Competence is understood as the appropriate knowledge, experience, training and/or close supervision from an experienced professional.

QMS maintenance & Continual Improvement

The necessary resources to the maintenance and Continual Improvement of the QMS shall be provided to ensure its adequacy to address Quality Requirements and Compliance.

Quality Principles:

Spread a culture of quality throughout Crossjoin, promoting excellence in day-to-day tasks, enabling Crossjoin’s employees to grow professionally;

Strengthen customer orientation, assuming customer satisfaction, compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements as vectors for strengthening the competitiveness of Crossjoin;

Promote transparency in regards to supplier requirements, aiming for their continuous supplier delivery with quality;

Assume flexibility and promote ethical and responsible action, creating a pleasant space to work and personal fulfillment, aiming at collective and individual success.

Our Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

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