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We Develop the impossible

Optimize your development processes with an approach capable or targeting people, processes and technologies.

With performance in mind, our software architecture team can help you design, plan and prototype software that will always go beyond your expectations. Enable your teams to deliver fast, we can also teach you how. Unlock the true potential of your development teams.

X-Viewer Product Management
  • X-Viewer Services
  • X-Viewer Customization
Software Architecture
  • SDLC Optimization
  • Architecture review
  • Architecture Advisory
Application Development & Management
  • Specialized Development
  • Cloud Native / Ready Development
  • Code Reviews
  • Team Mentoring
  • Outsourcing

Center of Excellence

We are located in between the biggest industrial countries, such as the USA, UK, India and China, with a time zone that is compatible with all of them with a very moderate time and cost of travel, including South America, which makes it perfect for all the offshore work we provide. With the center of excellence being based in Portugal and Chile, we have easier access to the top-notch engineers of the recognized high-quality universities and institutes that can think out-of-the-box and architect the best solutions for all of our customers’ requirements.

All of our Software Engineers also speak fluent English and Spanish, turning off any communication barriers that typically exist in these types of engagements. Having inherited the Quality Service Model from the core organization – totally goal oriented – our development center has included all the required agile practices to be able to produce software faster with the highest quality standards and quickly adapted to our customer’s needs. We use agile methodologies for the benefit of our customers satisfaction, preventing issues much sooner in the whole process. 

Everything we do is based on a continuous delivery model, you will see your requirements status faster and you won’t have to wait until it’s done to be able to provide feedback. Finally, we also act as advisors, we have a broad state-of-the-art field experience, so you can also ask us to review your current applicational architectures, ask us for code reviews or even roadmap recommendations for your internal application and we will be happy to assist with outstanding solutions. We will always provide you our honest opinion, we thrive when you thrive, and we can train your own teams to enable you to reach further. More recently, we have been successfully helping our customers with complex cloud/hybrid-cloud software migrations.

Case Studies


Customer Care Infrastructure UX and Monitoring Implementation.

The challenge was to collect the right key performance metrics on these platforms without overwhelming Brisa with excess information that would hinder a quick response to performance issues.

Development Team: André Simões

Head of Department

André Simões

Product Line Manager – PLM

Head of

André Simões

Product Line Manager – PLM

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