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How do we help our partners?

By July 27, 2020July 28th, 2020Articles, Crossjoin

Article Mission Impossible

by Tiago Curado / Performance Architect

How do we help our partners?

It all starts when your IT system, be it simple or complex, starts to experience slowness problems, or reliability problems leading to some embarrassing and difficult to detect errors. When you want to migrate an application or Database to another version or technology and the learning curve becomes too expensive, or there are simply no resources left to allocate. When security problems are detected, or when you want to be at the forefront and start worrying about it. Also if you want to perform an audit or capacity report to any specific system or to entire ecosystem in order to understand the major bottlenecks and how to handle them. We deliver more than the solution to these problems, we are part of it! We work together to achieve the main objectives of the service in an even better way than expected.

Why us?

Not only do we breathe performance with years of experience, but we also want to always exceed our partners’ expectations by delivering with the quality they are used to. Our organization comes from the methodology we use, which allows us, for example, to perform advanced troubleshooting of a slowness problem, from the moment a user presses a button on the system, to the line of code programmed to perform the desired action, through the entire structure of networks and firewalls, to the Database where the necessary data is located. We have a great passion for the performance of the applications and we don’t stop until we reach the goal of improving what needs to be improved! Our dedication and commitment never goes unnoticed.

Do we have what it takes?

Our values make us able to adapt and integrate in any environment. For us, there are no problems but challenges, and as such, they are surmountable. From a technological point of view, the same recipe is applied. We manage to guarantee diversity by applying our methodology, we work in teams not only the partner’s teams but also with our competence center, bringing to the field professionals with solid knowledge in the most varied technologies we can imagine, always guaranteeing Crossjoin delivery quality. This model is what we have applied to several partners and at this very moment, we are actively leading performance initiatives in technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Outsystems, Java, .NET, C#, PHP, Weblogic, DB2, z/OS, SAP, Siebel, C++, and many others

Mission Impossible

What you would expect from an impossible mission becomes a reality, is what we are often told when we present results. And when that happens, when we feel we’ve helped people by improving their application experience, when we’ve reduced costs, when we’ve increased the availability and resilience of the systems, it’s a huge satisfaction for us and makes all our effort and dedication worth it. And this recognition of our work is our best reference, this is how requests for collaboration often come to us, and we never refuse a challenge, no matter how impossible it seems.

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