How did the Competence Center prepare us for today and tomorrow?

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Article about Competence Center

by Rodrigo Garcia / Partner & Head of Competence Center


This is a word that summarizes one of the needs of human beings and the companies at this unique moment that we are living.
All the companies adapt themselves to continue serving their clients with no prejudice of quality that they are used to.
Crossjoin joined Adaptability to Overcoming. 


We want to overcome the expectation of our clients going beyond the delivery quality that they used to. Crossjoin’s Competence Center is our tool to overcome because we are already adapted to the remote delivery before COVID-19. Our internal methods are designed and adapted to remote work, the methodology and quality that the Competence Center puts in delivery has Crossjoin´s brand. We want to excel ourselves showing our customers that our delivery is more attractive without losing quality.
Overcoming implies organization.


Our Competence Center organized itself to excel the delivery and the development of new skills.
In Delivery, there is a Delivery Manager (DM) for each project and client, this person plays a fundamental role to ensure the answer “À lá Cross”. Any person inside in the Competence Center, that needs to answer something about the projects, knows that “DM” can explain every theme about it.
At this moment, just contact the DM and join the Meeting Room to get an immediate explanation about the project, for which he is responsible. DM knows everything about clients needs, follows all daily meetings with them, and communicates the needs to the Competence Center. It is not strictly mandatory but the DM role is normally played by one of our most experienced architects.


There are three towers inside Competence Center that execute the methodology of delivery.
Each tower has a leader and a pile of work. The tower of Analysts undertakes the phase GGP (Goal, Gap and Path), the tower of specialists executes the planning phase and the Architect tower does the final review ensuring the quality “stamp” of Crossjoin answer.
The DM brings the work to the Competence Center creating a “DM Request”, decomposed in several piles of several towers, if necessary.

Quality Service Management (QSM)

The 3 leaders together with the QSM area ensure conflicts resolution with several DMs.
The QSM through a group of indicators guarantees the effectiveness of each tower contributing for a consistent answer given is consistent and according to the response patterns for each project/client.


In Training, our Academy resides in the Analyst tower. In this phase, an academy “on the job” that ensures a clear vision to each profile about what Crossjoin does in each line of service, methods and methodologies we adapt to every challenge, which skills are used, the standards and training plans.

It’s very important for any person who enters Crossjoin to know our way of working in the Analysts tower, so that she will be endowed with all deep knowledge about what we deliver.

All in all, at the moment, The Competence Center is playing a central role in Crossjoin’s present and future, ensuring easily and quickly the adaptability that this situation demands nowadays, as well as, playing a fundamental role in the future training of Crossjoin.

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