Crossjoin Happy Hours – Climbing

By June 4, 2019 Happy Hours, Team

The Crossjoin team gathered for a fun and challenging climbing activity at the Vertigo Climbing Center.

Crossers love a good challenge, even if they have to fall a few times, but for us there are no impossible missions. We climbed, fell and stood up, once, twice… sometimes, with a lot of laughter in the middle, without ever giving up.

Throughout the exercise, the group was confronted with more complex challenges that required more and more courage, determination and the ability to take risks!
It’s an addictive activity and we didn’t rest until we got to the top, we looked like a real Spider-Man climbing the wall, step by step, we overcame the obstacles, we progressed until the victory, with very good mood.

It is an activity that requires strategy, physical ability, persistence, agility and mutual help, all characteristics that our Crossers know so well.

After the activity, the crossers went to El Bulo Club of Chef Chakall for dinner, a very comforting space, pleasant and well decorated, where we enjoyed to socialize, relax and taste an excellent meal.


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