Crossers Around the World: Hugo’s History

Hugo Gil is our Performance Architect and he has been in the UK for a year and a half.

Hugo has experience working in international projects and has worked from South Africa to India, so being out of Portugal is not a novelty and the adaptation is increasingly easy.
He is a very simple, curious and adventurous person, who likes to meet people and immerse himself in the culture of each country. He accepted Crossjoin’s invitation to work in the UK, because he likes to challenge himself, leave the comfort zone and having new experiences.

Hugo is now living alone, but when he moved to the UK he shared a house with a Crossjoin colleague. He told us that it was easy to live together, as it is expected according to the “joiners” spirit. This is what Crossjoin promotes and, somehow, it is transported into the personal life.

Hugo moved to the UK in the peak of winter, it was freezing and when he arrived at “Crossjoin’s House” the previous colleague, that was living there, had left the room window open for airing. Immediately he closed the window and started unpacking. The next nights weren’t easy, the room was too hot he didn’t sleep properly. He requested his house mate to lower the house temperature but even after that the temperature didn’t decrease noticeably.
On the third day, he decided to ask his colleague how he could sleep. Then, both of them went to the room and after acknowledging the Caribbean weather, they realized that Hugo covered the room individual temperature control with his travel bag and the previous colleague set it to maximum when airing the room. (Adventures of those who do not know the house 😀 )

Our crosser only complains about the weather, it’s very difficult to get used to low temperatures and rain. Nevertheless, he likes to live in Newbury. Newbury is a small and quiet town nestled in the heart of West Berkshire. Due to its location, Newbury is also great for walks, with a very beautiful landscape, and cycling trails, making it perfect for families to have a day out and enjoy the scenery.

Hugo Gil told us that, in his free time, he takes the opportunity to go to the gym, plays tennis with his colleagues and, obviously, he contributes to maintain the British tradition by going to the pubs after work, said Hugo excited. There’s a large community of Portuguese people where Hugo lives and works, so he often feels at home.

At our client, Hugo works mostly with performance tuning and major incident firefighting, the challenges are constant and so is the learning. This UK experience has brought him a great personal and professional value. Personal in the sense of having an experience of living and adapting to another country, to new people, to a different culture and professionally due to the unique and daily challenges that are presented in the area of performance.

“I am very happy for this experience, I feel that I evolve every day and I have a spectacular family of Crossers: At Crossjoin, whether in Portugal, or in the UK, or elsewhere, we have a characteristic that unites us and makes us special: the spirit of mutual help that exists between us, that makes me feel that there is a great team behind me even though I face the challenges alone with the client”.


Thank you Hugo Gil for sharing your experience.

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