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Crossers Around the World: André’s History

By January 28, 2020February 12th, 2020No Comments

André Pinho arrived at Crossjoin less than a year ago and was invited to have his first professional experience abroad.
He traveled 6565 miles away, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Chile with another colleague to integrate our team in a Firefight mission in one of our clients.

André was in Chile for a month and enjoyed the experience.
He says it is different to work directly with the client than remotely with the team at the Competence Center: “By working directly with the client, we see closely the impact our recommendations have and how important our work is. Crossjoin is a leading technological consultancy firm in the performance area that solves missions considered impossible. Our clients value our work and it is very gratifying to feel this from them. It is important, in fact, that all Crossers have a face-to-face experience with the customer” – says our Crosser.

While in Chile he also took the opportunity to enjoy the city and the company of the other Crossers who live there. He had no difficulty in adapting, although it was his first professional experience abroad. He always felt accompanied and only highlighted two difficulties: one was the language, however, it was easily solved when they spoke in “Despacio” mode, and the other was the gastronomy, he confesses that he missed a great Portuguese dish.

He took the opportunity to get to know the Crossers team there on a permanent basis. Every weekend they had dinner together and, he confesses, the sharing of experiences was great! The fact that he had colleagues living there was excellent to get to know the city and know the best places to visit.

André is already in Portugal and sees this experience as very positive:

“At Crossjoin I feel challenged every day and there is always something new to learn. I really liked the way they welcomed me from the first day I joined the team, making my first experience in the professional world easier.”

Thank’s André.

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