Collision: Portuguese Crossjoin reinforces its presence in the North American Market

The Portuguese technology consulting company, participated in the international conference Collision (Toronto, Canada), the sister of Lisbon’s Web Summit, and stated that it was a success.

After participating at the Web Summit for the last three years and taking into account its international expansion strategy, the Portuguese company decided to participate in the Collision conference due to its location, Toronto, and also due to having won the largest media and telecommunications company in the country. Canada’s economy is one of the most influential in the world and Toronto is already a technological powerhouse named as the new Silicon Valley and is also considered one of the largest technology regions in the country.

Collision had about 25 thousand participants from 120 countries. During the 3 days of the event, many people recognized the company from the World Summit Conference. Crossjoin members had the opportunity to speak with the largest representatives of influential companies in Canada and the United States and there were several people who showed interest in collaborating with the Portuguese company.

According to Crossjoin’s CEO, João Modesto, the allocation of a Crossjoin subsidiary in Canada is part of the company’s perspectives, and being present at these events makes perfect sense to increase awareness, strengthen the presence in the country and obtain contacts.

Crossjoin Solutions is a reference company in technological consulting, specialized in Business Process Performance Optimization. The company is headquartered in Lisbon and is present in several countries such as Belgium, UK, Chile, Canada among others.

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