Business Process Optimization with Machine Learning

By April 17, 2019 April 24th, 2019 Articles, Crossjoin
by André Simões / Product Line Manager

We currently live in a world where Machine Learning is part of our day to day: when you’re writing e-mails, talking to a chatbot or even if you’re driving. At Crossjoin, we have been pursuing the dream of making X-Viewer more intelligent, even though X-Viewer is already a great tool to monitor your business performance issues. We have been working towards making it an intelligent platform and towards 3 main areas:

1) Reducing visual entropy for end users

Having hundreds of systems monitored is great, but having to understand the anomalies that haunt us on the day to day operations, it is not that great. Typically, finding a performance issue requires the analysis of the systems that compose your business using a top-down of bottom-up approach depending on the symptoms of the problem, that can be more or less complex depending on your business architecture. What if X-Viewer could automatically point you towards what’s wrong or different about your system/business instead of having you look for it?

2) Reducing the infrastructure required to collect performance data

Luckily, the cost for data retention has become less of an issue in the last years due to the  reduced cost of storage and the appearance of storage technologies that allow more efficient models of performance data. Being effective while storing performance data is still a concern for us because, if we want to be precise and assertive with our analysis, we need to take very detailed samples of the business operations. This can add up several terabytes of information very easily. What if X-Viewer had the capability to automatically decide whether to keep certain data samples or not?

3) Automatic RCA

We have always dreamed about a system that could automatically tell us exactly what is wrong with our systems or business, when it happened, why it happened, and how can we solve it… or maybe even solve it for us. Using state of the art technology, this is a dream that is not that far away from us, and we have been working on it to solve, at least, the most common problems without the need of a human operator.

It is like having an intelligent alarm that knows how to solve itself.

Let us know if you have any performance challenges we can help solve with X-Viewer!

Best regards,

The X-Viewer team.

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