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Our Technology Pole

By September 7, 2021Articles

“The Technology Pole was built to enhance the excellence of our Academy and provide all the necessary tools for the success of our projects and offer better conditions to our Crossers.”

Our Technology Pole in Almada was born from a dream and the desire to grow.
Given the growth of the business both nationally and internationally, we felt the need to go further and create a space that would respond to our growth.
The choice of the area was not by chance. Almada, a district of innovation and committed to sustainability, gave us all the indicators that this would be the ideal place for Crossjoin to continue to grow.
Away from the hustle of the center of Lisbon, with good access and free parking, we open doors to an innovative Technological Pole in a dream environment.
Located a metro line from the University of Science and Technology, more specifically next to the Pragal metro stop, we have a space decorated and designed for the well-being of all our Crossers where we encourage imagination, talent, and willingness to learn.
The concept created reflects the company’s principles related to Kendo, a Japanese martial art and concept, so we created a space with a minimal base, but with areas and materials that also provide comfort, such as natural wood, cork, and linoleum.
This concept materializes in several ways. It translates into the creation of the space itself with a central aggregating element that is our tree of values, in the Japanese-inspired workrooms, in the partitions, circular entrances, and neutral-colored materials punctuated with the colors of CrossJoin.
The space is divided into 2 open spaces, meeting rooms, workrooms, and support areas. The entrance hall is dominated by a wooden tree of Portuguese origin that centralizes and organizes the entire space. The tree symbolizes Crossjoin’s values ​​and reinforces the team’s collaborative spirit.
In terms of materials, we opted for some eco products for the space, such as natural wood, cork panels of Portuguese origin, and linoleum. As a floor covering – linoleum – it is a natural covering with 97% of natural and recycled raw materials and its production is neutral in CO2 and certified for being environmentally friendly, presenting a high performance. It is created from natural and renewable raw materials, making it the most sustainable resilient flooring. Being an open space, the acoustic component is guaranteed through these materials and through acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling. The lighting was studied in order to create a welcoming but efficient atmosphere in terms of light intensity, but there is more. We will soon open two more blocks that will complement this space, one for work and the other where our pantry will be, with a social space where we have an amphitheater, game room and a nap-room. This will certainly be the stage for many happy hours!
The Technology Pole was built to enhance the excellence of our Academy and provide all the necessary tools for the success of our projects and offer better conditions to our Crossers.
We have a complete and competent program, accompanied by a mentor who will help you to know all the procedures, clarify doubts and provide advice on technical and career issues.
This will undoubtedly be a space for innovation where our Crossers will embark on national and international projects and demonstrate all their talent.


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