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Crossjoin on the Pontos de Vista Magazine

By February 22, 2021Articles
crossjoin at pontos de vista

The Pole will bring many added values as it will be a centre for innovation, training and knowledge

Over 11 years of excellence in the market, Crossjoin is today (well) consolidated in Portugal and beyond. This growth has led to the necessary creation of the Technological Pole which, according to João Modesto, CEO of the company, will allow “a greater capacity to respond to our clients’ challenges”. However, it is not only the clients that matter here. This new space was inspired by the identity and needs of employees – those who contribute daily to the effective success of Crossjoin.
Founded in 2009, Crossjoin is a technology consulting company composed by a specialized team and present in several countries. With eleven years completed in December 2020, how can you describe to us what has been the company’s path of excellence? What do you consider to have been the most important milestones for its success?

We are proud to say that Crossjoin has had a successful path over these 11 years of existence, already having a consolidated presence in Portugal and in several countries. The fact that we are pioneers in the global market in “IT-Control” and leaders in the management of systems optimization and maintenance of the same, has allowed us to add value due to the fact that we are very advanced in terms of skills, technologies, tools and procedures. We also have extensive experience and know-how in the areas of Performance, Infrastructure and Development recognised by our clients.

Crossjoin has numerous successful references in delivering a unique service with high standards of resilience, ensuring perfect alignment between business and IT for our customers and partners. Our traction in the global market and our offer in terms of excellence in the most diverse sectors together with a vast network of contacts, leads us to conquer new markets with extreme ease.

We also have a team of experts with a mastery in all technologies and tools that allows us to successfully meet challenges. Our “Perform to Perfection” approach lets our customers know that we are resilient, focused and that we deliver the solution and service to perfection with high levels of quality, competitiveness and cost reduction. We invest a lot in training our talents and we want to hire more people to join our team and increase our response.
These are some of the milestones that I believe have contributed to our success.

Aiming to deliver solutions “out of the box”, Crossjoin has specialists in optimising information systems, developing new tools with the aim of responding to customer needs. For better understanding, what innovative and intelligent solutions are we talking about?

We are talking about solutions and tools using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies that will allow us to be even more competitive and efficient. An example of this bet is our product X-Viewer, created 100% in-house. It is a highly competitive solution for monitoring IT implementations, and it adapts and develops to meet the most demanding challenges of each company.

Can we say that the effectiveness of Crossjoin solutions is directly linked to constant innovation?

To constant innovation, learning and investing in our talents. When we talk about innovation, we cannot fail to mention our people, because without them there is no innovation. We have invested heavily in our team and that is why we created our new Technology Centre. An innovation hub that aims to provide the most innovative solutions on the market, providing in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies and tools.

MAP 2021

The growth of the business nationally and internationally, led Crossjoin to mark the decade of existence with the opening of the new Technological Pole. What new features does this new location present?

Our growth has, in fact, led to the creation of this Technological Pole, which will allow us to have a greater capacity to respond to our clients’ challenges, increasing our team and reinforcing our staff with the best skills in our area of activity. We will provide more resources to meet the challenges and projects.
It is a space that was inspired by Crossjoin’s identity and the needs of our employees. We listened first to our team, we wanted to know what they considered essential in this new space. We want to provide the best experience to our employees, a space of harmony, comfort and well-being. Besides an ample space, with excellent equipment, a decoration that transmits our identity and our values, we will soon have a relaxation space, a game room and an auditorium. We have chosen sustainable materials in the architecture and construction of the Pole, as the reduction of our ecological footprint has been our concern and it is a challenge we embrace for the coming years.

It states that “the Pole will transmit Crossjoin’s identity and breathe technology”. Who is it essentially aimed at?

It is aimed at our Academy talents and our nearshore Competence Centre. Our centre will ensure and enhance the excellence of our Academy, training our talents to integrate our Competence Centre, which guarantees total support in the implementation of the most diverse projects.

polo tecnológico

Being recognised and notoriously rewarded for its effort, competence and merit, Crossjoin has always had a well-defined plan. However, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived without warning and with it the most diverse consequences. Therefore, and knowing that you were one of the first companies to promote remote work, what added value will this new pole bring in the current situation?

It’s true, we were one of the first companies to implement remote work. Before Covid-19, we had already launched the Flex Place and Flex Time programme, in the context of “We Create Time” branding. We promoted a Self Management organisation with well defined goals and with an extremely collaborative team. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have not yet returned to the offices and we will only do so when we feel safe and respect the rules of the Directorate-General of Health. The Pole will bring many added values as it will be a centre for innovation, training and knowledge. In the current climate, it will be a pleasant and inspiring space where our IT Kenshis can socialise and hold occasional meetings that require creative group work with physical conditions that surpass conference calls. We are a company that highly values our assets and we believe it is important to coexist for greater team cohesion and corporate identity. As CEO, I take pride in knowing all my team very well and therefore we believe that we should maintain face-to-face contact.

What other projects do you already have in mind for the year that has just started? Will any equally innovative new services or products be launched?

Fortunately, we are starting the year with several projects in our three areas of activity, performance, infrastructure and development. We foresee business growth in Portugal, but also internationally. We will start a project for the first time in Panama and therefore it will be a very promising year. In 2021 we will continue to bet and invest in our product X-Viewer and in our Academy.

In the context of Crossjoin’s 11th anniversary celebration, would you like to leave a message to the partners and friends who contribute daily to the success of the company?

Year after year we have been growing, we are recognized as a leading SME and SME Excellence, we have entered the ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in EMEA, and we are present on practically every continent.
These achievements are due to the trust and recognition of our partners and customers as well as the dedication of our employees. Many thanks to all who contribute so that Crossjoin can make a difference in our daily lives, because every millisecond counts for technology to improve our lives.▪

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Thanks to Idea-Arq for providing the photographs of our technological hub in this article.

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