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Crossjoin’s Buddy Program

By August 18, 2023No Comments
Crossjoins Buddy Program

Buddy: someone who can help you!

At Crossjoin we take pride in our company’s unique qualities, but we understand that these singularities can present initial challenges for newcomers to Crossjoin. Many of us can relate to the butterflies in the stomach on our first day at work, as we understand the blend of excitement and nerves that come with embracing a new challenge.

Stepping into a new role isn’t just about a change in job description; it involves immersing oneself in a new culture, forming bonds with new colleagues, adapting to fresh dynamics, and at times, feeling overwhelmed by the integration process.

But worry not! We have the perfect solution to make this transition smoother for every new Crosser.


Enter the Buddy Program!

What if we could make this transition smoother for every new Crosser?

Imagine having a buddy, someone you could turn to with your questions, share a coffee during lunch, and clear up any doubts. This close support system would undoubtedly facilitate a quicker and more comfortable settling-in period for all newcomers.

Your buddy will be your go-to person on your first 3 months. Responsible for answering your questions and guiding you through the procedures. They are carefully selected based on their experience and comming from different projects then the ones you’ll be integrated in, providing you with a fresh perspective and expanding your network within the company. This unique pairing fosters stronger connections and promotes collaboration across teams.

What if we told you that this initiative has already been launched?

Transitioning from a mere ‘what if’ to a tangible reality, we’re thrilled to share that this concept is now a living, breathing aspect of our culture. Recent additions to the Crossjoin team have already experienced the benefits of personalized support from our seniors. Let their stories speak: 

In my opinion, having a buddy is an asset as it's one more person who is available to help us, in addition to the mentors of the Academy. There are many new things to learn when integrating in a company, and the buddy allows another support channel with someone experienced. I consider it an important support, which gave me a confidence that was lacking in the first weeks.

I have had meetings with my buddy every fortnight. However, he has always made it clear that I can contact him at any time if I need to.

It is further proof that we are monitored and listened to and there is an openness to give feedback for improvement. I am satisfied 🙂

Henrique Atabão

In my opinion, it is a simple way to help with integration, onboarding, while gaining confidence and autonomy.

In the beginning it was like I was in a darkness, without precise knowledge about expectations, ways and processes of working within Crossjoin. The buddy is like someone with a torch. He showed me the way and introduced me to the initial tools that gave me the basic understanding to increase my confidence and autonomy.

Diego Nascimento

Join us at Crossjoin and experience the benefits of our Buddy Program.

We are committed to making your onboarding process seamless and enjoyable, ensuring that you thrive in your new role and that you trully embark on a Great Place to Work. Together, let’s embark on an exciting journey of growth and collaboration!

Check out our available opportunities at our opportunities page.

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