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Between walks and runs, we all make a difference

Crossjoin team joins Upndo

Between walks and runs, we all make a difference

We joined Upndo on a special mission!

At Crossjoin Solutions we care about the world around us, taking advantage of every opportunity that allows us to make a difference.

With the pandemic we adopted some less healthy habits, we became more sedentary and we did not always feel like going against this lifestyle, so we went in search of a motivation that would help us make an impact.

We discovered UPNDO, an app that associates physical movement with the company’s social responsibility and that allows us to convert our physical exercise into donations to institutions.

Starting today, all the steps we take will have an impact and contribute to a greater good.

At Crossjoin we are not indifferent to what’s around us, on the contrary, with this initiative we have decided to embrace several causes chosen by our crossers:

  • Disadvantaged children
  • Abandoned animals
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Fighting poverty


Last year, in 2020, we fulfilled the dream of a child who, unfortunately, is fighting a very dangerous disease. Make-A-Wish, an association that provides memorable moments to children diagnosed with serious degenerative diseases, challenged us in 2019, at christmas, to be a part of the Christmas magic and fill our hearts, united for the children’s happiness.

This year, through walks and runs, we promise to do our best and together make a difference.

Our crossers are motivated and we won’t stop until we perform to perfection!

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