Oracle Database Upgrade

By August 8, 2019 August 14th, 2019 Articles, Crossjoin

by Pedro Coimbra / Infrastructure Delivery Manager 

Plan and Execute an Oracle Database Upgrade

Why should we update a Database system, even if it is working with good performance?

Oracle is responsible to manage the end of life support of the Oracle Software;
Even in a system stable and working fine, the client should always take into account the end of the extended support of the database version;
Ensure the Security patches, new features and more reliable versions;
Ensure the availability of future upgrades for the databases.

Prepare Oracle Database Upgrade:

1 – Before starting the database upgrade, evaluate if the applications running in the database are certified to be executed under a more recent Oracle Database Version;
2 – Include in the plan the upgrade of the database in the DEV and Integration environments, assure that functional and performance tests are executed.
3 – Include in the Plan the best upgrade strategy in order to reduce the downtime of the systems;
4 – Choose an upgrade method for Oracle database, using the DBUA Gui or a manual command line method;
5 – If you are using Oracle ASM and Cluster, ensure that the Oracle Asm version is higher or equal to Oracle Database version running;
6 – Before starting the upgrade, ensure that the database has at least one valid backup available;
7 – Evaluate if the actual Operating system version supports the new version of the Oracle Software;
8 – Choose and prepare a new Oracle Home installation location;
9 – Analyze the database using the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool, and validate if the database is ready to be upgraded.

After Database Upgrade, what needs to be done?

  • Monitor the Performance of the database;
  • Assure the queries are being executed with the correct execution plan to guarantee the good performance of the application;
  • Evaluate if it is necessary to gather the statistics of the objects;
  • Assure that the database is working ok without any errors;
  • Assure the in place backup strategy is running with success;
  • Assure the Alarmistic strategy is working as expected.

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We can help planning and executing the database Upgrades, in order to assure a smooth migration with a minimal impact on the applications.

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