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Crossjoin at IT Insight: Opening of the Technological Pole

By November 10, 2020December 17th, 2020Articles, Crossjoin
Entrevista sobre Polo Tecnológico

Translation of the interview given by our CEO, João Modesto, at IT Insight.


João Modesto, the CEO of Crossjoin Solutions, addresses the opening of the new Technological Pole. The Pole’s mission is “to enhance the excellence of our academy” and to prepare “the young talents for the demand” of the Competence Centre.

Crossjoin will open a new Technological Pole. How important is it?
For Crossjoin, the Technological Polo represents a very important milestone in this decade of life, it means that we are growing and building our future. The Technological Pole’s mission is to enhance the excellence of our academy by preparing young talent for the demands of our Competence Centre, which is already a national and international reference.

What kind of investment does this Technological Pole represent and what is the purpose of the location choice?
In monetary terms, it represents an investment of more than one million euros. However, it is an investment mainly in our talents and in Crossjoin’s future.
We want to provide the best conditions for our employees, new opportunities for growth, focus on innovation, and increase synergies with the community. We chose Almada to host our Technological Pole due to the excellent conditions that the area offers: good accessibility, away from Lisbon’s confusion, parking, local commerce, and gardens. With a larger space, we will provide more resources to respond to our client’s challenges and projects. We believe that through this investment we will receive in return essential added value to Crossjoin’s future and its success.

The Technological Pole will open soon, correct? In the current situation where technological companies are increasingly turning to Remote Work and due to the risk of COVID-19 contamination, wouldn’t it be more prudent to postpone the launch of the Technological Pole?
O The Pole will open until the end of the year following the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health.
Crossjoin was one of the first companies to promote remote work, long before COVID. We had already launched the Flex Place and Flex Time programme in the context of the new branding “We Create Time” as part of the Technological Pole launch programme.
The Technological Pole will be a pleasant and inspiring space, where Crossers live together and can hold sporadic meetings that require creative group work with physical conditions that surpass conference calls.
With the proper security measures, we believe it is important and healthy to have the amenities we have created in this space. We believe in a flex time and flex place with meeting points and interaction that allow a greater cohesion for the team and corporate identity.

What are the needs of the Crossjoin’s customers that contributed for the opening of this Technological Pole?
The delivery of a unique service in the area of the information systems optimization and their maintenance with high standards of quality and resilience, makes us have a portfolio with referenced customers in various business sectors and the conquer of new markets with great ease. The biggest challenge is to scale up the delivery of our service. The Technological Pole will allow a greater response capacity, increasing our team and reinforcing our staff with the best skills in our field.
With the constant changes of paradigms and new emerging technologies in the market, we have to be able to keep up with the evolutions and with the Pole we will make a greater investment in research, developing new services and products and presenting solutions always adequate to our customers’ needs.
We will invest in solutions and tools using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies that will allow us to be even more competitive and more efficient. Our X-Viewer product is an example of this investment that started several years ago and that has become essential in missions to optimize information systems.

How will the integration of this Technological Pole in the academic community be?
It will be an excellent integration. We have had contacts with educational institutions and associations over time and we want to make these relationships even stronger. We want to show the IT academic community that there is a career possibility in a less common area, the Performance.

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