Crossers Around the World: Rafael’s History

Rafael Salvador arrived at Crossjoin about a year and a half ago and he’s in Belgium since June, 2018.

He joined Crossjoin with the “clear possibility of, one of these days, taking a plane instead of a subway” and after working for a few months at the Competence Center in Lisbon, the proposal to travel to another country didn’t take long.

It’s his first professional experience abroad and Rafael says he’s really enjoying this challenge.
Rafael is part of the Data Quality team of our client, the main telecommunications company in Belgium, which is responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of data in the several systems of this company. A job of great responsibility, but very challenging!

He has been visiting Belgium from one end to the other and due to the fact that this country benefits from its central position in Europe, Rafael has taken the chance to travel and meet neighbouring countries.
He lives and works in Brussels, a city with a lot to discover and a wonderful Grand Place to visit.
The capital of Belgium has plenty of life, bars, restaurants and lots of stalls. Rafael confesses that Belgian chocolates, French fries, waffles and Belgian beers are his doom! Fortunately, our Crosser is a sportsman and follows a healthy life, so he allows himself to earn some caloric credit with not so light meals from time to time.
To maintain his physical condition, Rafael discovered a sports activity that does not allow him to make excuses for not training. Since he is in a country known for having the four seasons of the year on the same day, he had to find an activity with “No Excuses” to leave home, so whether it is raining or a day full of sun, Rafael does rope skipping. This is an activity that he likes very much and will certainly take to Portugal.

He told us that his adaptation was very easy and the fact that he was surrounded by colleagues from Crossjoin also made it easier for him to integrate more easily. He says that people in general are friendly and welcoming. He told us that in the barber where he goes, he always greets everyone with three warm kisses, “Dear Crossers, I strongly recommend this”, he said cheerfully.

Regarding his professional experience, Rafael says that it has been very fruitful and has lived up to his expectations.

“It has been an opportunity to evolve professionally and it is rewarding to see that our work is valued. Thanks to the professionalism and quality of the Crossers, we are seen as a resource of great value and that makes a difference to managers who recognize our qualified work.”

Rafael also says that Crossjoin has professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, they are true mentors at all levels and they are people who inspire and motivate to go further. This is what he values the most at Crossjoin. “For me this is obviously an excellent boost!

Thank you Rafael Salvador for sharing your experience.


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