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Crossers Around the World: Carlos’s History

By October 29, 2019January 8th, 2020No Comments

Crosser Around the World

Carlos Santos is our Performance Specialist and he went to France to start a new project with a highly reputable client in the financial services area, specifically in the automobile sector.

It wasn’t his first international challenge at Crossjoin. A few months ago, he crossed the ocean into Canada to join our team and work with the largest telecommunication company in this country.
He confesses that he was very pleased with Crossjoin’s vote of confidence for inviting him to start a very important project: “It means Crossjoin is relying on me in the same way that I’m relying on Crossjoin. For me, this synchrony is very important.”

It’s his first time working in France and he’s really enjoying it.
Our Crosser told us that his main difficulty in his daily life has been the language, as the general population speaks very little English.
The north area of Paris – where he is – is a business area, therefore it’s very busy during the day and very quiet at night. At night, all restaurants close early and sometimes it’s hard to find a place to have dinner.
In his free time and when possible, he goes for a walk through the existing green areas and visits the local shopping mall.

At a professional level, the experience is going quite well and the language question is not relevant, because all the people with whom he deals with speaks English quite well. The project aims to help the client achieve the ambitious goal of having a platform with 2.000 simultaneous users, all of this, with our performance expertise professionals aid: “Crossjoin is a reference in terms of performance and is leading all performance initiatives,” said Carlos.
Carlos says that the fact he is working directly with the client is very rewarding, as he feels the extremely positive and significant impact on the organisation and the recognition of his work is noticeable.

Our Crosser has been at Crossjoin for almost a year and says it’s been a constant learning experience. He said:

“We have a group of experts who reinforce the added value by sharing information, knowledge and cooperation.”

All the professionals at Crossjoin do their best and work as a team to provide the best experience to our client. And Carlos mentions that what he values the most indeed is the strong team spirit!

Thank you Carlos Santos

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