Technology is our business and our passion...

"In IT projects specially in IS/IT Telco’s arena, stressed by technology,
complex business development and challenged every month we need more" (...)


Delivery in time and with quality...

"I strongly recommend Crossjoin as company specialized 
in performance issues." (...)


Solutions that work for you...

"Crossjoin is a strong partner for our business development. We’ve engaged since 2008
a collaborative team work focused on systems performance and tuning" (...)


Proactive consulting, Business IT alignment

"I am glad I can count with Crossjoin Performance Architects in all our major
 projects as their costs are easily compensate with the results achieved." (...)


Challenge the impossible

"At the beginning, it was seen as “Impossible Mission” but Crossjoin
improved the E2E billing chain, from 50 Hours down to 12 hours." (...)