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Provides to our customer performance and quality assurance engineering service

Provides to our customer performance and quality assurance engineering service

Crossjoin is already a reference to our clients as performance and quality of service experts using our most valuable skills and consultants executing what we call, in the context of IT Stack optimization: Perform to Perfection.

Our customers can focus in their core business while Crossjoin team is monitoring, analysing, improving and controlling their processes and systems to achieve customer’s performance needs and expectations.

  • Quality assurance
  • Performance testing
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness:
    • Infrastructure tuning
    • Application tuning
    • Availability

Heads of

Nídio Cruz

Delivery Manager – DM

Mauro Farracha

Research Engineering

Heads of Department

Nídio Cruz

Delivery Manager – DM

Mauro Farracha

Research Engineering

Case Studies

E-Services Appointment Tool

An operational reporting solution was urgently required because, with the implementation of e-Services Appointment Tool reporting, complete current AHS and executed operations monitoring was necessary.


Kenan Batch Performance Tuning: Challenge Identi fied

KBPT – Dashboard • Challenge Identied • Results • Work done • Further Improvements • MaintenanceFramework • Healthy Database • Stable System

Since the beginning, our core business is focused in IT optimisation, while we were growing in experience and gaining more knowledge about systems behaviour and their main bottlenecks, Crossjoin realised there was no tool in the market which could help us on our monitoring and measurement needs. Using our internal resources and expertise, we built our own tool – Xviewer.

Xviewer is used today in several projects for KPI calculation and monitoring as well as on customer site implementations for their own operational support teams being able to take advantage of powerful monitoring and analytic dashboards of their systems.

Using our expertise, we developed our own appliance to support our product which requires best in class in Storage, Network, Systems and huge massive repositories management. Each new project is a new challenge and we like good challenges.

To achieve the most effectiveness performance, Crossjoin consultants became certified and specialised in a variety of recent state of the art technology to meet our customers expectations with assertiveness and success, on every performance challenge we face, our consultants analyse each system end to end and layer by layer (frontend, backend, middleware, legacy, databases).

Our best asset is really our highly specialized and certified team in different technologies. Today, Crossjoin competencies are recognized in the IT market.

Crossjoin Competence Center allow us to offer our performance and quality assurance services to any customer anywhere in the world in a scalable and adaptive approach, where our expert consultants provide the service in a model on premise and nearshore. With less money the customer can have the best of both worlds, consultants and service.

Crossjoin believes that customer benefits increases if Crossjoin team can start working since the beginning of the project, where our expert consultants will recommend the best practice and solutions in order to avoid the “usual” performance issues/bottlenecks that are only found too late in production.

Nowadays we are proud to offer a full stack performance and quality assurance engineering service



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