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Crossjoin certified as a Great Place to Work

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“Crossjoin certified as a Great Place to Work”

Crossjoin has been certified as a Great Place to Work for its culture of trust, respect, pride and camaraderie.


We pride ourselves in fostering a culture focused on our people, their well-being and their development.
A team that comes together for the same mission of improving people’s lives through technology.
We are guided by values based on transparency, integrity, sustainability, communication and diligence, and by principles that we believe make a difference.
We promote equality, respect, team spirit and trust.

Development of our talents
We have a unique and transversal career plan throughout Crossjoin. Everyone knows where they are, where they are going and where they can go.
We have a dedicated individual development plan for each crossjoin so they know how to progress.
Newcomers to Crossjoin have a mentor who will walk them through the onboarding process and clarify any technical and career questions.
We value and encourage learning through continuous training and participation in different projects and cutting-edge technologies.

Well-being of our talents
The well-being of our teams is a constant concern of our company.
We believe in flex-time and flex place with responsibility.
We have several partnerships beneficial to our employees
This year, in 2021, we open our Polo, which aims to enhance the excellence of our Academy, providing the best skills in our areas of expertise. This space was designed to provide the best conditions for our Crossers. We offer a gym and promote several team building events.

Team Spirit
At Crosser we have a principle that we value a lot, being a “joiner”. We believe that it is with union, team spirit and respect for each other that we achieve success.

Diversity and inclusion
As a socially responsible company, we promote diversity and inclusion as a practice of our day to day.
At Crossjoin we excel in equality of gender, age, ethnicity, opportunity and growth.

“We are like a second family” Our crossjoiners say so!

We thank all our Crossers who participated in this study and contributed to the recognition of Crossjoin as a Great Place to Work.

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