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Crossers Around the World: Valter’s History

By May 28, 2020July 7th, 2020No Comments
Crossers Around the World

Valter joined Crossjoin at the end of last year. He had the same passion as our team: Performance.

He is our Consultant and part of the Competence Center team. One of his main roles is to solve problems reported by the client in the information systems.
Soon after he arrived at Crossjoin, he had the opportunity to travel to Chile and join our permanent team there for a month. In that period of time, he worked at the client’s premises. It was very important to see the essential role that Crossjoin has and the immediate impact on the information system and, therefore, the teams.
Valter had the opportunity to assist and help to solve a firefight in one of our clients as well.

“There was a firefight where some of our Specialist Performance Architects (SPA) gave me an insight into what a firefight was in direct contact with the client.

With that insight, I could see our methodology applied to the challenge. It provided me with a quick transmission of knowledge about the technologies and tools we use.

The space occupied by Crossjoin in the client is often a hospital emergency room! Whenever an accident happens, it’s this “space” they turn to solve the problems as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Válter.

Our Crosser says he really enjoyed his experience. Not only did everything go well at a professional level, but he also really enjoyed meeting the permanent team with whom he had only had contact behind the computer. And of course, the country! He confessed that, from the little he had the opportunity to know, he loved it:

“I went there in a rather complicated time for the country, after the protests that took place in late 2019. However, the area where I stayed, in Las Condes, was “incredibly safe”, and I always felt safe without any problems.
The South American people are very nice and with the help of our full-time Crossers in Chile, easily I felt like I was at home :), they are very nice, helpful, real Joiners, just like the rest of the team”.

After his stay in Chile, Valter says he wants to embrace travel whenever possible, because he feels it is an enrichment at all levels, not only personally but also professionally.

In Portugal or abroad, he always has the same purpose: Perform to Perfection at all levels.

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