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Crossers Around the World: Nídio’s History

By September 30, 2019No Comments

Business Travel

Nídio has been with us for almost 10 years, since the beginning of Crossjoin, and he has traveled a lot, mainly at an international level. He now tells us about one of his most recent trips to Colombia.

Performance project started in Colombia and our Crosser – one of our experts in the field – traveled to Colombia to integrate the challenge and the team. He tells us that these trips are very important to build a more efficient communication channel with the client, creating empathy and trust.

The project consisted in the installation and configuration of a platform that would provide the best performance.
“We are seen and recognized as a reference for our customers, because we are in fact resilient and we love what we do. We know that every millisecond counts, so we are focused on providing the best user experience.”

But his stay wasn’t all work! He took the time to get to know the largest city in Colombia, Bogotá. He strongly advises you to visit it. “I was positively surprised by the architecture and the green spaces.
I loved to visit Bairro la Macarena, a great neighborhood to explore in Bogotá, known for its colors and the nightlife it offers. The huge green parks are also a must-see.”
One of the great advantages of traveling a lot in Crossjoin is also being able to get to know the cities.

Nídio, who is an Associate Partner at Crossjoin, says he is very proud of the company he saw grow and also contributed to its growth, as Crossjoin enables the constant evolution of its resources and encourages strong team unity and mutual help.

“At Crossjoin we all share the Kendo “Can do” philosophy, we are very diligent with our projects and we face challenges with resilience.”

There are many countries that Nidio has known due to the projects that Crossjoin embraces such as Belgium, England, Timor, Turkey, Chile, Peru and Canada.

With the accentuated growth of Crossjoin, we are sure you will know many more soon ;).

Thank you Nídio for your sharing.


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