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Crossers Around the World: Luís’ History

By September 2, 2019September 13th, 2019No Comments

Crossers Around the World

Luís Ribeiro has been our Crosser for 6 years and he went to Palestine for a short period of time to evaluate the services and navigations of our client due to performance issues in their systems.

This was not the first international and professional trip for Luís, in fact, he is perfectly used to it. Due to the international expansion of Crossjoin, Luís has already traveled to several countries such as Chile, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.
Being in Palestine, specifically in Ramallah, was an interesting experience, he took the opportunity to get to know the city and managed to go to Jerusalem, which he strongly recommends!
He always felt safe during his stay. He said that the people are very nice and did not see any conflict. The idea that he gets from some countries with a moderated risk is that there are extreme situations that happen but not frequently and in specific areas, on a daily basis this insecurity is not felt, fortunately!
Our Crosser says that the work went very well, as expected, because they always had very cooperative relationships at a distance and the customer’s employees were always very helpful and recognize the importance of Crossjoin’s work.

“In fact, we have a very effective working method of looking for evidence and thinking from it, of focusing on the most important to reach solutions and investigate the tools to do so in different technologies.”

He said that this is noticeable by our clients and for him it is our greatest asset! “All this, of course, with the active support of our Crossers colleagues who are happy to help and transmit the pleasure of doing a job with a great impact by changing the speed of the processes”.

According to our Crossers, these trips are a way to get to know customers better, the project, their ways of being, their working methods and it is an opportunity to get in touch with different technologies and architectures.

Thank you Luís for your sharing.

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